ShipStationInfiPlex OMS Integration

The InfiPlex™ Order Management System (OMS) makes it easy to ship all of your eCommerce orders through your account. The OMS pulls all of your marketplace and eCommerce orders and sends them to ShipStation for you to ship. The OMS also automatically updates inventory and sends tracking numbers back to connected marketplaces and eCommerce platforms as soon as you purchase your labels.

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InfiPlex OMS and ShipStation, a GREAT Combination


Automatic Inventory & Tracking Updates

You can use InfiPlex OMS to manage your orders and inventory for all of your marketplaces and eCommerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce and more. The OMS will send all of your orders to ShipStation for you to manage shipping out of your warehouse and then it takes the tracking numbers and sends them back to the appropriate marketplace or eCommerce platform the order was placed on. Inventory and Tracking numbers are then managed accross all of your sales channels. Manual inventory updates are also available via our Inventory Tool and Inventory Upload. FTP connection is also available to read inventory feeds as well as custom programming to pull inventory from anywhere you need it pulled.



Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime

The InfiPlex OMS will allow you to integrate with Amazon's Seller Fulfilled Prime program and use ShipStation to ship all of your regular eCommerce orders.



Multi-Warehouse Capabilities

ShipStation does not include the ability to have mutliple warehouses, but the InfiPlex OMS does. The OMS can be set-up to manage multiple warehouses and then connect with ShipStation to allow you to use all of their shipping features. If you have multi warehouse needs and would like to talk with us further on how this configuration works, please contact us.



Great Features from ShipStation

With your ShipStation account you will be able to things like:
  • Create shipping labels for our preferred carriers
  • Customize shipping views based on specific user roles
  • Create custom packing slips for brands or clients
  • Create automation rules to apply best shipping practices instantly as orders come in
  • Access to ALL major carriers and regional carriers in the US
  • and a lot more...



Product Data Management

InfiPlex also offers a full range of additional support services to help you grow your eCommerce business. Our Data Team ensures that your products are optimally listed for each individual marketplace (Marketplace SEO). Gain the advantage of our extensive experience with each marketplace to ensure the best placement and increased sales for your products. Contact us for more information.




We can work with you to customize the InfiPlex OMS to meet the specific needs of your business. Contact us today to get a quote on building a solution that fits how you do business.


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