AmazonInfiPlex OMS Integration

The InfiPlex™ Order Management System (OMS) makes it easy to manage all of your Amazon orders. The OMS automatically updates inventory and sends tracking numbers back to Amazon as soon as you purchase your labels. InfiPlex also integrates with Amazon FBA, Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime, Amazon Custom, and coming soon Amazon Re-pricing.

Amazon Features InfiPlex Supports


Import Product Information

Download all of your SKU's from your Amazon account to get started quickly. We download all of the base information including product SKU, title, price, weight, and a product image. You can be up and running in a few minutes.



Automatic Inventory & Tracking Updates

InfiPlex OMS updates individual SKU inventory levels as orders are placed through Amazon or any other connected marketplace. This makes sure that Amazon and other marketplaces have the most current inventory level for each SKU. Manual inventory updates are also available via our Inventory tool and Inventory Upload. FTP connection is also available to read inventory feeds as well as custom programming to pull inventory from anywhere you need it pulled.



Amazon FBA

Turn the Amazon FBA setting on and let Amazon fulfill all of your FBA SKUs. Orders with SKUs controlled by FBA are automatically sent to FBA for fulfillment, regardless of what marketplace they come from, including your own eCommerce site. The system also pulls inventory from FBA for these SKUs and updates all of your marketplaces as orders are received.



Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime & Managed Shipping Services

You can use the InfiPlex OMS to ship all of your Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) orders. Activate with a setting to highlight orders that are SFP and easily print your shipping label pulled from the Amazon Manage Shipping Services API. For more information on this Amazon service, please read our knowledge base article Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime and Managed Shipping Services.



Amazon Custom

Amazon Custom is a program that enables Amazon Sellers the opportunity to sell customized products on The InfiPlex OMS is integrated with Amazon Custom to include all of your order's custom product data, making it easy to receive the order with the customization data. We can also work with you to integrate your custom product data with any internal or ERP sytem like Net Suite.



All International Amazon Stores

InfiPlex can help you manage one or multiple Amazon country locations including the US, Canada, Mexico, UK, Italy, Germany, Spain, France, India, Japan, and China.



Best in Class Shipping

Managing your whole order process including shipping has never been easier with our integration, the leading online shipping software. Sign-up for and Get 2 Months FREE!. ShipStation allows you to ship with all major carries and many regional carriers. It is also a top choice among eCommerce companies that ship hundreds or thousands of orders per day.



Product Data Management

InfiPlex also offers a full range of additional support services to help you grow your eCommerce business. Our Data Team ensures that your products are optimally listed for each individual marketplace (Marketplace SEO). Gain the advantage of our extensive experience with each marketplace to ensure the best placement and increased sales for your products. Contact us for more information.




We can work with you to customize the InfiPlex OMS to meet the specific needs of your business. Contact us today to get a quote on building a solution that fits how you do business.


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